• Geoscape updates

    As Australia changes, so must Geoscape. We’ll be updating Geoscape throughout the year.

Where we’re at now

We completed the staged rollout of Geoscape with Release 8 in October 2018, taking the national building count to 15,243,669 buildings (as of 29 October, 2018).

Geoscape is now in an update phase. Updates will focus on areas with a high degree of change and be released on a quarterly basis. Each year, we aim to recapture and update at least 5,000km2 of urban and remote community areas.

What we’ll update

We’ll continually review and update features and themes. We will:

  • enhance swimming pool indicators
  • enhance horizontal spatial accuracies in CBD areas
  • fully update all 2m Surface Cover across urban areas
  • re-classify rural buildings as urban buildings, in areas where an urban settlement extends beyond the current urban boundary.

We will continue to make improvements, update themes and add features. We’ll plan updates based on the following schedule. Where substantial change happens in the environment, we’ll look to make updates on request.

Proposed update schedule:

How we’ll let you know

We’ll refresh this page and share news on our social channels as the update schedule evolves. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @PSMA.

Want to know more?

Check our frequently asked questions or contact us for a chat.

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