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    Check this page periodically for progress updates on the national rollout of Geoscape.

Geoscape Rollout Map

“In Progress” refers to Release 2

Rollout Schedule

Due to the vast scale and sophistication of Geoscape – and the leading-edge technologies behind it – PSMA is conducting a staged roll out, which will eventually cover the whole of Australia and provide location, distribution and physical characteristics for over 20 million structures across 7.6 million square kilometres.

The current rollout status is represented in the map above, with our intended delivery schedule summarised in the following table. PSMA is continuously updating the schedule to reflect the most up-to-date information about data capture and processing. Specific release dates and locations will be confirmed one release in advance throughout the rollout period.

* PSMA has classified rural regions as townships with a population of 200 people or fewer. Areas that are not named above or classified as rural will be released in January – July 2018.

1. All of Sydney urban, excluding the Campbelltown area
2. Buildings only (excludes surface cover)
3. Additional urban areas for South Australia
4. Griffith plus a number of small NSW urban areas

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