Our collaboration with a relatively small number of partners allows us share our data expertise with those organisations and enables them to multiply the impact our data has on the broader economy through their own distinctive commercial activities.

The products and pricing that our partners offer are as diverse as the companies themselves. However, our data is generally offered by our partners in one of the following ways:


Data packages

Raw data, as supplied by PSMA or with some further enhancements such as augmented data and alternative formats.


Data embedded into an ‘off-the-shelf’ software solution such as valuation, geocoding or route optimisation tools. Or a tailored solution that starts with understanding a specific business need and developing and integrating a customised solution to match.

Web services

Geospatial data delivered through web services and APIs, allowing you to make transactional data requests from within your own applications.

Geoscape partners

We’ve partnered with these solution providers and resellers to make Geoscape readily available for your use.

Become a partner

When we are contacted by people interested in accessing our data, we will usually recommend one of our partners as they are specialists in manipulating our complex data content to deliver business solutions. However, if the organisation has a unique application of the data, we may explore the option of the organisation becoming a partner.

PSMA welcomes interest in partnering with us from all sectors. We work closely with all partners to ensure that they are well-positioned to take our data to market. Benefits to partners include training, technical and marketing support.

If you are interested in exploring how you can partner with PSMA, please use our contact form to get in touch with us.