OMNILINK is an Australasian company which has been providing GIS consulting, data management and integration services to clients since 1987.

PSMA Cloud

OMNILINK is the first certified PSMA Cloud Integrator. The OMNILINK team is fully trained as PSMA Cloud Integrators placing us as the ideal partner for government and corporate clients seeking to leverage PSMA Cloud services, including G-NAF Live, to deliver on nationwide projects. With our proven record of success across every sector, OMNILINK now harnesses the capabilities of  PSMA Cloud to offer an even more accurate and up to date system for the delivery of address verification and related mapping functions and workflows all contained within a pay as you go model.


OMNILINK can supply PSMA data in any digital spatial format, including many unusual formats. In addition, we offer a data brokerage service on behalf of many of our clients, where we act as agents in securing both spatial (locational) and textual datasets from many other external agencies. These agencies include government departments (federal, state and local) as well as commercial suppliers in Australia and New Zealand. Data is the key area of OMNILINK’s business. This is an area that is very diverse and requires specialist skills and processes to deliver a quality result on time, every time. OMNILINK has established procedures for data integration that provide quality controlled processes and a result that preserves the content and intelligence of the information.

  • Data management is provided by OMNILINK as an on-going service to clients who wish to out-source the day to day requirements of keeping their systems updated. OMNILINK can provide such a service on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis depending on the volume of changes.
  • Data maintenance is conducted by a team of skilled data managers and analysts who provide services in the area of data update, enhancement and the incorporation of these datasets into corporate databases.
  • Data acquisition services can be provided for both existing digital data as well as data that needs to be gathered in the field. OMNILINK also provides services in all aspects of data management – from preparing specifications to conducting data audits and preparing metadata. These services can be provided to those clients whose core business is not information management.
  • Data conversion is a key area of OMNILINK’s business that is diverse, utilises specialist skills and focused processes to deliver a quality result on time, every time. OMNILINK has established procedures for data conversion that provide quality controlled processes and a result that preserves the content and intelligence of the information.

Consulting Services in GIS and IT

OMNILINK provides professional business and technical consulting services in GIS and IT. We are well versed in all GIS products and capabilities and can provide advice as to what technology best suits the requirements of a business. Our IT consulting experience can provide an organisation with information on system architecture, operating environments, databases and deployment methods just to name a few. OMNILINK is vendor independent and can assist with system and implementation reviews for all types of GIS projects.

Location Intelligence Solutions

OMNILINK is the exclusive Australasian Distributor for Visual Crossing. The Visual Crossing technology provides a spatial dimension to MicroStrategy Business Intelligence Solutions. Visual Crossing delivers a multi-level, multi-dimensional capability that draws on existing MicroStrategy investments in queries, drills, dashboard and data investments. Visual Crossing is developed using the same architecture and metadata structures as MicroStrategy.

Metadata Acquisition and Management

OMNILINK has developed Omniscient, a commercially available spatial metadata management solution. Omniscient addresses key issues for spatial data custodians – the need to search out spatial data across an organisation, cataloguing data and deciding on which version is the central source, the creation of metadata to a standard, and the presentation of this data to many users. Omniscient answers all of these issues whilst remaining vendor independent and fully compliant with ANZLIC ISO19139.



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