About Us

AEROmetrex is an award-winning company that has been providing full mapping products and services to the Australian community for over 34 years.  AEROmetrex is wholly Australian owned, and all work is performed in Australia. Since its foundation in 1977, AEROmetrex has significantly expanded its scope and scale of operations so that today it is one of Australia’s foremost companies in the field of geospatial data collection, management and distribution.

We provide cutting-edge geospatial solutions exploiting both existing and emerging air and ground imaging technologies.

AEROmetrex has the assets and experience to perform extensive projects, we have surveyed and delivered many continental and state-sized projects with impressive results. These services are provided to a wide range of clients spanning from government agencies to the private sector as well as military.  The group has consistently delivered quality services and products to large organisations in Australia and overseas.

Our dedicated team of passionate digital mapping specialists and engineers are committed to providing the most efficient and practical solutions to fit your project requirement and deadline. We understand that the quality of information and timelines is critical to make your project a success.

Our Expertise

Aerometrex supplies quality aerial mapping products and services and specialise in the field of:

  • Aerial imagery services (aerial photography from 2.5cm to 50cm GSD,colour balancing, mosaicing)
  • Photogrammetric services (digital terrain and surface models, orthophotography, feature capture)
  • 3D modelling (smartcities, high resolution 3D models of natural and urban environments).
  • Consultancy (visualisation, remote-sensing, data integration)
  • Geospatial data services (data capture and conversion, web-based imagery delivery)
  • LiDAR services (aerial LiDAR acquisition, classification, digital terrain and surface models)

These services are provided to a wide range of clients spanning from government agencies to the private sector as well as military. Our various markets and industry include:

  • Infrastructure & Transport
  • Energy & Mining
  • Government
  • Urban planning
  • Water & Environments

Using Geoscape, we can provide accurate 3D models of remote, urban and city built environments.  Using the advances of 3D capture that Geoscape provides, detailed information about buildings and their features, trees and land cover for every address in Australia can be delivered to suit location-enabled analytics.


With unparalleled coverage of the Australian built environment, AEROmetrex not only optimises what you already do but imagines entirely new offerings.


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