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About Us

Climate Risk provides computational solutions for companies wishing to understand risks to their physical assets posed by extreme weather and climate change.

We design and build complex computational software that quantifies the risks posed. We work with government and business worldwide to help asset owners understand their exposure to weather hazards and to build adaptation plans that mitigate these risks.

Our Expertise

Climate Risk differs from other analysis in this area due to the ability to handle massive datasets for large-scale analysis and the granularity of our data coverage for close-up, specific asset information. Our system can provide aggregate results for high level understanding as well as detailed information on individual assets down to engineering elements such as electrical or mechanical.

How PSMA data is used

PSMA data is used for clients, such as banks and insurers, that want to know the risks to large numbers of buildings. We use PSMA data to locate the footprint of the building and the land parcel. We then apply our hazard and climate data to build a picture of the physical and financial risks to the property. This is useful when financial institutions are considering loans, risk transfer contracts or stress testing their portfolio.

Climate Risk is also experimenting with VR applications, using PSMA data, for emergency managers and planners. We welcome collaborators in this field!

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